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4 Signs You Need A Restorative Dental Care

If you leave your dental problems untreated, you may lose a tooth, suffer from a sensitive and receding gum line, and even experience bone loss. That’s why, if you have any of the below symptoms, it’s likely time to give your Tullahoma dentist a call.

What Are The Signs That Shows You Need Restorative Dental Care

1. Bleeding Gums

If you’ve bleeding gums, it’s a sign of gum disease. At this point, the only question is: how much worse will you let it get? As gum disease advances, it permits bacteria to grow in pockets around your teeth, which, if left uncontrolled, can result in bone loss, gum recession, and an infection or abscess that can spread to your jaw bone. So, when you’re flossing and you notice some blood and reddened gums, it’s a sign that you’re due for a dental appointment – and maybe some cleaning – with your dentist in Tullahoma.

2. Bad Breath

What if you’ve just brushed your teeth, had a bit of water, and you have bad breath after only a few hours. You might well have gum disease. The same bacteria that create the acid that deteriorates your enamel also generate a bad smell, and the more bacteria there are, the stronger and more determined the smell can be.

So, if you’ve brushed your teeth, swished around some mouthwash, and your breath still smells bad it is time to book an appointment with a dental office in Tullahoma to meet Dr. Kim Glick or Dr. Larry Woods.

3. Lumps Or Soreness In The Mouth

When it comes to healthy mouth tissue, you should look for smooth, damp, coral-colored tissue. If you find a weird lump or a red, painful sore in your mouth, it can be a sign of a more consequential oral health issue. Discomforts like canker sores usually aren’t severe and may go away on their own in time. However, that white spot can also be an early sign of oral cancer, and that’s not something you would want to disregard.

4. Loose Or Falling Out Teeth

Your teeth can last a lifetime, so if they’re fiddling around or one falls out, it’s signifying a much more extensive oral issue. Now, if you’re over the age of 60, tooth loss may be due to osteoporosis, but likewise, there’s no way to tell until you see your Tullahoma dentist for a professional examination. If you have lost a tooth or two, don’t panic; with the help of restorative dentistry at our dental office in Tullahoma, we can restore the look and functionality of your teeth through dental implants, bridges, and even dentures.

Restorative Dental Care In Tullahoma

If you have loose teeth, gum infection, or anything that is discomforting , do not let it go ignored as it can result in tooth loss, or maybe some can affect the other body parts if the infection enters your bloodstream. To not let this happen contact us today & consult with our restorative dentist in Tullahoma to know what can be done to improve your oral health. We can offer you different types of tooth restorations