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When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthesis teeth that a dental surgeon inserts into a person’s jawbone. It consists of mainly 3 things: an implant post, abutment, & a crown. A person may require an implant if they have lost one or more teeth & want a natural-looking smile without the discomfort of slippery dentures.


What Happens If You Do Not Replace Your Missing Teeth?

If you don’t replace missing teeth, the outcomes can be extreme. 

Apart from getting dental implants to replace missing teeth, it’s also essential for appearance. Dental implants play a massive role in the functionality of the mouth. They keep teeth in position, support a healthy bite, and help stop bone decay. Plus chewing action helps maintain the jawbone by exerting pressure and stimulation. 

Dental implants can enhance your facial beauty. Since they are natural-looking, a person is less likely to feel self-conscious about their smile. Dental implants also give them the confidence to socialize and dine in public.


But, When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

When you have had a tooth extraction, have a missing tooth, or more than one missing tooth, you might not want to smile with space between your teeth. Dental implants become necessary when you want a permanent solution for your teeth. Missing teeth with making your smile look unattractive can cause several issues. Teeth tend to move when there is a space that makes your smile look more unappealing. To maintain an aligned smile a permanent solution you have is Implant. 

Dentures can replace an arch of teeth, but people who have used dentures consider them uncomfortable as they slip out often. The same is the case with dental bridges as they are used to replace only up to four missing teeth & get cemented in the place. As per the dental implant surgeon in Tullahoma, the primary disadvantage of dentures & bridges is that they do not support the jawbone as implants & jaw sinks in with time. 


Benefits of Dental Implants 

  • Improved Appearance Dental Implants feel, look, & function just like your natural teeth.
  • Improved Speech – Dental Implants do not slip like dentures & will not cause you to slur your words as it allows natural speaking ability.
  • More Comfort- Implants do not need extra care & they are just like your natural teeth no need to remove them once they become part of you.
  • Easier Eating- With Dentures you. might not be able to eat everything you like as it may slip or break if you bite on hard food, but this is not the case with implants. You can eat anything you want just like you would eat with your natural teeth.
  • Durability – Implants are long-lasting & with better care, they may last for decades.
  • Convenience – Dental implant eliminates the requirement of sticky adhesives & removal of dentures. They are permanent & support your jaw.
  • Better Oral Health – Implants do not demand the need for reducing or grinding neighboring teeth instead they support your oral health. An implant will never get cavity, gum infection, or tooth decay.

What If You Do Not Use Dental Implants?

Some people doubt the need of replacing a missing tooth with an implant & some even wonder how long they will have to wait before getting the implant tooth. These doubts come from worry about the procedure and concern about the cost associated.

Most individuals do not realize that delaying or denying dental implants can have adverse effects on their oral health. When you refrain from dental implant surgery, it results in adversely affecting your oral & overall health. Generally, delaying implant surgery causes more dental work needs in the future.

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